Casa de la Mateada is Loyola Marymount University’s alternative study abroad program based in Córdoba, Argentina. Rooted in the four pillars of accompaniment of marginalized communities, rigorous academics at La Universidad Católica de Córdoba, simple living in community, and spirituality, the program offers students an exceptional opportunity to experience the reality of Argentina in a deep, transformative way. This blog represents an effort to create a space where students, faculty, community coordinators, directors and other members of the extended Casa de la Mateada community can reflect on the experience of moving through the program. Our new program is definitely a work in progress and we hope to learn from the exchanges and responses that become part of this space.

The name: after long and careful thought and extensive ‘testing’ of various possibilities here in Argentina, we settled upon the name ‘Casa de la Mateada.’ The name comes from the beloved Argentinian drink, mate, often shared among families, friends and communities in a space of friendship and solidarity. The simple practice of sharing mate with others has a deep resonance in Argentinian culture, and embodies the shared intimacy and sense of accompaniment and friendship that is also at the heart of our program.

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