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Santi OutdoorsAs we draw near the end of this inaugural year of Casa de la Mateada, it is time to offer heartfelt thanks to those who have given so generously of themselves to the program. It has been a team effort all the way, with folks from LMU joining those of us here in Córdoba to help bring this amazing new study abroad program into existence. The team at LMU worked hard for over two years in Los Angeles before hiring Santiago Bunce to lead the way in preparing the ground in Córdoba. Santi’s tireless efforts and creative energy were crucial to the birth of Casa here in Argentina. He left the team in January 2014 to pursue other work. He also left his mark on all of us and on the program. We want to take a moment here to remember all that he did and how he touched us, with his leadership, intelligence, fierce energy, infectious (often goofy) humor, mad fútbol skills and (of course) musical stylings. What follows is a small expression of appreciation from some of those (colleagues and students) whose lives he touched during the past year. ¡Gracias Santi! Read the rest of this entry »

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“There sometimes springs an interior peace and quietude which is full of happiness, for the soul is in such a state that it thinks there is nothing that it lacks. Even speaking . . . wearies it: it would like to do nothing but love.” (Teresa of Avila)

Why does it sometimes feel like there is so little time to breathe, to think? Or even to pause and enjoy what is unfolding before us? To pay attention to the things that really matter?

These are  common and recurring questions in contemporary life. Certainly many of us from the U.S. feel the pressure of trying to fit too many things into too small of a space. That sense of always being behind, always catching up. But it is also true here in Argentina, especially in this time of economic instability when many are forced to work more than one job, often in different parts of the city, just to get by. It is not really possible to slow down. You have to keep moving.

Even so, the rhythms of life here are in many ways less frantic than what we commonly experience in the U.S. Córdoba is a busy, vibrant city and people seem always to be on the move somewhere. But there are also more moments to pause, to catch up with friends, to enjoy conversation. Time is not so pressured. Argentines seem to take real delight in spending time, lots of time, with each other. Often with no particular purpose or agenda. And with little sense of the need to rush off somewhere else. They are generous with their time. Or so it seems to us. Read the rest of this entry »